Likechuxing, Short-time Vehicle Rental Platform Finished B+round Investment with YiMei Capital's participation

(Feb 22nd, 2019, Guangzhou, China) Short-time vehicle rental platform, Likechuxing announced its B+round investment finishing over ten millions USD, with YiMei Capital, BlueRun Ventures, Legend Capital, Fanchuang Capital and K2VC's involvement. Mr. Wang Yang, CEO of Likechuxing shared that this round of investment would be use for operation and technology update. Not only would Likechuxing been profitable in Guangzhou, but multiple cities would be recognized for its value of short-time vehicle rental. Mrs. Judy Qing Ye, Partner of YiMei Capital believed that with Likechuxing's high cost performance and convenience as its core value, the short-time vehicle rental shared great market prospect. And with its efficient operational capability, Likechuxing showcased its potential as leading player of its field.

General Motors Invests $25M In Wejo, A Connected-Car Data Start-Up which YiMei Capital Previsouly Invested

General Motors has invested $25 million in Wejo, a connected-car data start-up. The deal gives General Motors a 35 percent stake in the British company, and values wejo at $275 million. Sources say the two inked a deal several weeks ago even though neither company has disclosed any details about the investment. The deal between wejo and General Motors includes more than an infusion of cash. According to sources, General Motors is also giving the company an “in-kind” consideration to supply data from millions of the automaker’s vehicles. That alone is said to be worth more than $70 million and will allow wejo to manage the data for seven years. Founded in 2014 by Richard Barlow, wejo takes connected-car data and packages it in an accessible way for a wide range of businesses. Since its founding, the company has tracked seven million vehicles globally and processed data from 78 billion driven miles. Data from connected cars and other sensors packed into today’s modern vehicles can provide automakers with a tremendous amount of information. This could help make cars safer, alleviate congestions, and make urban parking easier. Wejo helps automakers and other access that data in a useful way. The deal with General Motors will also give wejo access to a tremendous amount of data from the Detroit automaker, further improving wejo’s services. YiMei Capital invested in Wejo last year. Read more:

Mr. Mark He, Partner of YiMei Capital, Talked about Asset Management in European Families

With more and more Chinese families establishing family fund and family office, their lack of investment experience have been exposed. Meanwhile, products and services that local institutions provide haven't been allocated wisely. Mr. Mark He, Partner of YiMei Capital, talked about YiMei experience in European family asset management, and potential investment portfolio outreach in the next five to ten years to FOTT online media . Mr. He pointed out that European families' are very particular on asset allocation and risk control. And with the future Chinese Market, YiMei with its reach experience of both global expertise and local exposure, will be focusing on commercial upgrade and production efficiency. Investment fields like healthcare, education, AI and travelling are with great potential. To read the full story, please visit:

YiMei Recognized as the 2018 Top 10 Best Market Oriented FoF by China VC Association

(Suzhou, China) China VC Associated hosted the 20th anniversary event of China VC Association on December 1st, 2018. During the event, YiMei Capital was awarded as the 2018 Top 10 Best Market Oriented FoF.

Tencent Leads $200M Series D Round In Chinese Liquor Trading Firm Yijiupi

Tencent Holdings and its portfolio on-demand services platform Meituan Dianping have reportedly led a $200 million financing in Beijing-based B2B liquor trading firm Yijiupi. The investment is to help regional expansion, product development, category and storage improvement. Yijiupi currently valued $1.1 billion. Founded in 2014, the company focused on B2B liquor trading with fast regional epansion and category improvement. And in the recent two years, it starts its upstream and downstream service expansion including warehouse allocation sharing, supply chain finance and terminal chain. On May 8th, Yijiupi accquired company HJH, and extended its reach towards snack foods. YiMei Capital invested in the company back in April 2017.

YiMei Capital was ranked China Venture TOP 20 Limited Partners and China FoF Top 20

September 20th, 2018 (Shenzhen, China), has released its 2018 Award, and Yi Mei Capital won the "China Venture TOP 20 Limited Partners" and "China FoF Top 20".

PNC, Top 10 US Bank, Starts Using Ripple Block Chain Technology for International Payment

PNC, the Top 10 US Bank, have announced on September 19th to use RippleNet Block Chain Network for international payment. Ripple's block chain technology solution, namely xCurrent, would help PNC's US commecial clients to accelerate their oversea payments. It would make payments almost instant, thus change the way of account management and handling working capital. YiMei Capital invested in Ripple back in December 2014.

Ms. Judy Ye, Hosted "Capital Facilitating City Intelligent Industry Development" in 2018 Jing'An International Big Data Forum

(September 18th, 2018, Shanghai) 2018 World Artificial Intelligence Conference · Jing’An International Big Data Forum themed “Big Data and Urban Intelligence—Intelligent City, Useful Integrated Data” was held at Shanghai Exhibition Center. The forum arranged a sub-forum themed “Sharing Conference of City Intelligence Innovation Projects”, in which the guests from governments, big data enterprises, scientific research institutions and universities, and industry alliances conducted policy interpretations, technology discussions, and case sharing in aspects including “Capital Facilitating City Intelligent Industry Development”, which Ms. Judy Ye, Partner of YiMei Capital hosted and discussed, letting the guests participating in the forum have a more comprehensive understanding of the applications and practices of big data in city management and planning. To read the full story, please visit:;

Mr. Henry Hu, YiMei Capital Partner's exlcusive interview with CV News

Mr. Henry Hu, YiMei Capital's Parnter, had an exlcusive interview with CV News and talked about the investment market needs more time to grow, he suggested that in the next few years, only the best institutions would last longer in the competitive market. To read the full story, please visit:

Mr. Henry Hu's exclusive interview with

Mr. Henry Hu, Partner of YiMei Capital, had an exclusive interview with, to talk about the current fund raising market while he suggested only the very best would stay in the game. To read the full story, please visit: